The BEST Stylists in Northern Michigan

My husband and I are wedding photographers, and we frequently had the privilege of working alongside Niki and Whittney. When arranging our team of vendors for our own wedding, I wanted Memorable Occasions at the top of our list. The Memorable Occasions team worked on location on our wedding day. They both arrived on time and completed everyone's hair and makeup on schedule. (Timeliness is a quality I immensely value when working with hair and makeup professionals.) Everyone's look was done to absolute perfection. During my hair trial, Niki gave me some great product to use in my hair the morning of the wedding. In the midst of my excitement and nerves, I accidentally put in the product after my hair was dry (instead of when my hair was wet, as she instructed). Due to my mistake, Niki discovered my hair wouldn't hold a curl. She kept very calm under pressure when we determined I needed to rewash and dry my hair. She still finished on time despite the set back! Not only are Niki and Whittney incredibly talented, they are vendors every bride would want to spend time with on their big day. They are genuinely excited to be a part of your wedding, and they treat every bride like the most important person in the world. I was able to experience this first hand, but it has also held true every time I've witnessed them in action. I do not think I would have received the same quality or experience with any other professional. Thank you, Niki and Whittney!



Memorable Occasions crew were awesome! They did my hair and makeup and then all my BMs and my and my groom's mother. They were phenomenal! I had so many compliments on how beautiful I looked, and I felt it too! I would definitely recommend them because they were fabulous!


great experience

Memorable Occasions came right to our location and made all the girls look gorgeous. Took what each girl wanted and made it look even better!


Breath taking

Wow, what a beautiful job on my hair for my wedding. It was gorgeous and it lasted the entire night! I recommend every bride to go to memorable occasions for your bridal look- you will definitely not regret it! I was in LOVE with my romantic updo! 



I'm trying to figure out how to move these ladies to Baltimore so they can do my hair and make-up every day! Not only did they make my best friend the Bride look amazing they also made everyone feel as beautiful on the inside as they made us look in the outside. It just felt like a bunch of girlfriends sitting around having a great time, and not a make-up and hair session.


Snatch these ladies up

I can't say enough nice things about Whitney and Niki! One, they are sweethearts and just great people to be around. Which is really important in planning a great wedding morning. Two- they listened to my needs as well as all my bridesmaids and mom to make sure we each had our individual version of beautiful executed. Everyone looked stunning in the end. They are true professionals that will make any wedding day complete. I absolutely loved every moment with them on my wedding day they absolutely were the perfect addition. I also don't think I've ever looked as pretty in my whole life. You would be silly to choose anyone else for your special day. Snatch these ladies up!